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Fit and Healthy
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Every one wants to be fit and healthy, putting healthy diet and exercise plans into action is also relatively easy - its sticking to our guns and overcoming the motivational lows that is hard! 

It really isn’t so hard to get fit and have a healthy diet, you don’t need to go on a very strict diet and you don’t need to spend 10 hours a week in the gym either - you just have to adopt healthy eating habits that are not too different from what you are eating now. Some healthy tips are to replace certain foods you eat with healthier alternatives which give increased nutrition and decrease calories. Replace butter for margarine, sweeteners (like Xylitol) in place of sugar and a half fat milk in place of full cream milk etc. These are healthy choices, and just changing a few things in your diet will help you to take in fewer calories, get better nutrition, and it really doesn’t taste that different now does it?

Healthy Choices

Many people associate being fit and healthy with having a boring diet - this is not the case. There are so many wonderful foods out there enabling us to make healthy choices. Yes, they don’t taste the same as “mars bars”, but you’re not going to achieve anything by eating those are you? When you are needing a sugar fix, why not have an orange or a piece of pineapple, which still contains sugar, but is a much healthier choice, gives better nutrition and helps you lose weight in a healthy way. To stay fit and healthy doesn’t mean your diet must be boring. It may feel like you are suffering by not eating as much of your favourite foods as you would like, but you will feel a lot better once you have implemented healthy dietary choices, and when you start experiencing weight loss.

So if you want to become fit and healthy, and stay fit and healthy, read on and learn how. Remember, this website can only offer advice and make suggestions about what to do. The only person who can actually implement it is you. If you have found this site it shows that you are interested in becoming fit and healthy, so try to stick to healthy choices. You are only letting yourself down if you don't. And remember, after a good week of a healthy diet routine, one chocolate will not undo all the good that you have done. Just get back on track. We all slip up, we are only human, the important thing is not to let one little thing stop you!! Good luck.