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Get Fit - No time for exercise?

Fit and Healthy
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We all want to be fit and healthy, and while we all know that exercising is the main way to get fit quicker, there's evidence to show that shorter workouts could be more effective — offering a solution to people who want to get fit but simply don't have time to go to the gym regularly. 

Even though people want to keep fit and healthy, after six months, half of all people who embarked on an exercise regime will have given up, claiming lack of time to train regularly. However, the real reason is that individuals have not made the kind of progress they expected and don't really want anyone to know! Generally people aren't aware that it takes less aerobic exercise to maintain your fitness and health than it does to improve it.

Some healthy tips: Two days of aerobic exercise a week may not seem like an awful lot - if you're trying to lose weight, it isn't - but studies have shown that training twice each week is enough to maintain your aerobic fitness. So even those with the busiest of lifestyles should be able to squeeze in 2 x 1/2 an hour a week!

Walk that fat away
One of the very best ways to burn fat if you are not the energetic type is to walk. Now when I say walk, I don’t really mean wander along the high street, gazing into shop windows - I mean walk, as fast as you can without breaking into a jog. That is healthy exercise! Even just a 20 minute walk a day will help you to dramatically improve your fitness level. Raising your heart rate increases the metabolic rate and then burns calories quicker, you will be surprised at how much your heart rate increases when you walk continuously and briskly for 20 minutes, but if that is too easy, then incorporate a hill into your circuit or get those weights that strap on to your ankles and wrists to add a bit of resistance. This will definitely promote weight loss.

Swimming is the best form of exercise there is. All major muscle groups are used at once, therefore effectively burning calories, toning and strengthening all muscles, as well as improving cardiovascular fitness. Swimming is a safe and healthy.

To make the most of your swimming workout, try varying your strokes. Again, make sure that you swim as intensely as possible and get your heart rate up, try swimming 2 lengths intensely, then 2 lengths slowly if you can’t keep going too long. Exercising in the water is safer for joints because water supports your weight and doesn't strain your back or knees. Swimming is great for rehab as well as for elderly or pregnant women.