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People are drawn to diets with promises of rapid weight loss. But the truth is that most of the people that eat properly and look fit and healthy aren't even on diets! They have healthy eating habits and have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Most of the diets that promise the world are so restrictive that there is no way that it is possible to stay on them for any great amount of time, many are so low in calories that you don't have the energy or the will to keep them up. The weight loss formula is easy - take in less calories than you burn; any diet will help you lose weight. It stands to reason that when you are counting calories, fat, or carbohydrates, or restricting certain types of food, you are limiting the number of calories you take in and so you will lose some weight. But whether you will keep this off in the long run is another question. It is better to make healthy choices which can be maintained.

The best thing that anyone can do for themselves when they want to lose weight is to start eating healthy now and continue to do so – don’t starve yourself, don’t go to bed hungry - you will only wake up so hungry that you could eat a hundred slices of toast!!! At last you will be fit and healthy! With all the variety of food available, what should you eat? You should eat mostly fruit, vegetables (you've heard it all before, I know, "5 portions a day"!!). Low fat dairy products, fish, chicken, lean beef and pork and try to pick whole and natural foods instead of processed foods whenever you can (white bread is good, but brown, wholegrain really isn’t as bad as you think - and it is much better for you). Foods with good nutritional value are not only healthy, but will help you lose weight and make all your vital organs work better and for longer, keeping you fit and healthy.

Over-eating is one of the main reason so many people are overweight, your body tells you its full, but like all good mothers told us "you can’t leave the table till you've cleared your plate" and twenty years later you still feel you should!

One of the main reasons why people overeat is because we don’t pay attention when our bodies tell us that we’ve had enough. One healthy tip to control this is to concentrate on making healthy choices when deciding what to eat (not while watching Eastenders in a daze for 30 minutes!) and also eat slowly - no one’s going to take it away from you, this way you are more aware of how much you've eaten, and you realize when you have had enough.

Also try to skip second helpings at meals, we generally don’t need them in a healthy diet. If you need a snack, limit yourself to a few instead of emptying the box!

Portion sizes also play a huge part in the majority of overweight people, some people consume around 3 times more than is "normal" just because there plate is so full! The average portion of meat for a normal meal is about 4oz, with approximately a cup of potatoes or other starch, and about a cup of vegetables. It may not sound like much but your body will feel much better for not being jammed full of food, and if you can manage to keep a healthy diet up for even just 2 days, you will feel much better.

Healthy tip: One of the worst things you can do for your weight is to eat late at night, before you go to bed. Try not to eat for 3-4 hours before you go to bed, because anything you do eat will just get stored as fat while your body snoozes. It really does feel good to wake up a bit hungry and eating a good healthy breakfast!

Breakfast, now there is an important thing, you've got to eat it; it is the most important meal of day!! If you skip it you will experience a blood sugar drop by 11am which will cause you to eat anything in sight. The best breakfast you can eat is oats, it keeps you warm, is a good source of nutrition, releases energy slowly throughout the morning and as long as you don’t have too much sugar on it, it is a good healthy breakfast which is easily digested.